Little No-Name Imported Briar

I’ve been looking roundabouts on eBay for some pipes to be had a cheap prices that may need some work to bring back to good form and get some practice in learning the rework craft.

This is one that I won. I will say that when bidding on a pipe it is best to read the WHOLE description! I skimmed this one and got a good laugh when it arrived.




When it arrived it was in very good condition. Lightly smoked and not abused. All it was going to need was just a light cleaning and it would be ready to go. I gave it a short alcohol bath, ran pipe cleaners through the stem and wiped the bowl inside with Q tips. Using Dark Brown Leather Stain I gave it a couple of light coats and flamed it to set. Wiped it down with a soft rag and took it to the buffer to apply beeswax.




And now for the punchline. Remember I said to read the WHOLE description. I missed something in the size area.


Just a bit on the small side! Ha, ha,ha… Well I did get some practice in! Hope I made you smile at least!

A DadsPipe is Reborn! – Reinventing a Fletcher Billiard

Charles, Has done a wonderful job of repairing and refinishing this pipe. Worth checking out!


Blog by Charles Lemon

I was just putting the finishing touches on this pipe refurb when Steve Laug invited me to write a guest blog for rebornpipes. Timing couldn’t have been better, as the restoration of this old Fletcher billiard epitomizes for me the spirit of rebornpipes – taking an old, worn pipe and creating from it a beautiful and functional smoking companion.

Thanks for having me drop in on rebornpipes, Steve. I hope you and your readers enjoy this restoration journey.
– Charles
I’ve had this old billiard pipe in my refurb box for a while now, so I decided that it was time to do something with it. It’s stamped “Fletcher, Genuine Briar, 4” on the flat bottom. A search online turned up absolutely nothing about the brand, though I can surmise that it was made somewhere in the USA circa 1950 to 1970 or so.


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Welcome to 2016!

Looking to the future!

Looking forward to the New Year, I anticipate to be able to post more often than in the past. My quest for neglected, abused and discarded pipes has begun in earnest.  Several trips to the local antique shops and flea markets has netted none at this time, but, I will be branching out to the estate sales soon as they should be a better resource.

There was a time when you could get a pipe lot on eBay at a reasonable price, but, seems like those days have passed. I watch each day to see about new listings and am disappointed in the prices folks start asking for cracked and broken pipes, bowls only (why break apart the bowl and stem to be sold separately?), and various “collections” available.

As the next chapter in my quest for ReserectedPipes opens, I hope to learn the hows and ways to rusticate, repair badly damaged stems, remove and refill old fills, repair the Bulldog / Rhodesian rings, repair burnouts and cracks. After reading Steve Laug of Reborn Pipes, Charles Lemon of Dad’s Pipes and Al Jones and Greg Wolford and those that have written and published their restoration techniques and processes, I have gained the confidence to take on more adventurous projects. If I missed your name in my listing please do not take it personally, I am grateful for all the information I have been able to glean and hate to leave anyone out.

Now to go find them needy pipes!!

Have a Happy  New Year All, and Thanks for reading my blatherings!