Reserected Pipes

This is a new blog about restoring tobacco pipes. I will be sharing my adventure along the way and showing how I bring old discarded pipes back to serviceable units ready to be refilled with a nice tobacco and enjoyed for years to come.

I would like to begin by saying that I am not a professional pipe restoration expert, nor do I have extensive experience in this area. I do however, have a love of old pipes and too much time on my hands. So by way of a hobby I will be primarily self taught.

There are a number of very fine bloggers on the web that I have followed and admire for their work in this field and hope to be able to achieve their level of craftsmanship.

So let’s begin our journey.

I have just finished a rusticated Rhodesian that I acquired on eBay as part of a 9 pipe collection all of which had no stems.



While this pipe has no identification markings from the maker a prior owner etched his name into the flat of one side of the shank.


Upon inspection the bowl was in relative good shape. I used my Castleford pipe reamer to scrape out the bowl and a number of qtips, pipe cleaners and Everclear to clean out the shank.


As I did not have a stem I had to make one for it. I selected one with the same shape. I do not have a tenon turning tool and must make the cut down by hand.






The top of the bowl had a lot of charring and needed further cleaning. I used the wet / dry emery cloth followed by micro sanding sponges from 1200 grit to 6000 grit. This left a nice patina on the rim.





The stem has a nice fit but a slight gap at the connection to the bowl. I will need to work this aspect further when I can get the tenon tool.

For my first effort this result came out satisfactory.
The pipe smokes great. Has a nice full draw and a maintains a cool smoke through the bowl.

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did making it.