Dr Grabow “Regal”

I was asked to clean up this Dr. Grabow “Regal” and provide any information on it that I could find. It belongs to one of my coworkers that was handed down from his father which he said he remembers his dad having 60 years ago.



He asked that I not do a full restoration but only shine it up for him to display in his home. You can see that there was very little cake in the bowl. With the exception of the tar on the rim the rest of the pipe just needed some TLC.

I soaked the stem in a mild Oxyclean solution and put the bowl in my rice box to get the salt and alcohol treatment.  Using the rice allows me to put any pipe in any position be held without worry it will fall over.



When I removed the stem it was white and I was shocked! I’ve never had this happen before and I was worried  I damage it.


Using the micro sanding pads I started with 1200 through 4000 and wet sanded the stem being careful not to damage the white spade emblem.


This knocked off the white residue very nicely. I continued through the rest of the range up to 12000 grit and followed this up with some Brebbia Pipe Stem Polish.


I then went to work on the bowl. Using Murphy’s oil soap I wiped down the bowl. I failed to document this part as I was in a zone to get it done. (Sorry). The tar on the rim was moderately thick and I used saliva and elbow grease and a soft brass brush to clean it up. As my friend did not want it to look like new I did not top it to get it clear. It was left as if the owner had just put it down after enjoying his last smoke. Next was to buff it with beeswax and wipe with a soft cloth.