ManXMan Reserected

I recently went to a local flea market to see what or if I might find a treasure and came home with this little gem;

Man X Man Man1  Man3 Man4

It is a ManXMan that was made by the Laxley Pipe Company Ltd on the Isle of Man before the company closed it’s doors in 2002.  The pipe is made of Tanzanian Meerschaum which they were no longer able to get after 1985. The company made meerschaum pipes for Peterson until the supplies ran out.

First glance the pipe was not used very much. I put the stem in Oxyclean to clean up the oxidation and then worked on the clay that was on the side of the bowl.  I used the stiff brush to get it off and after reaming the slight cake from the bowl I gave it an alcohol and salt bath.

I used black super glue to fill the dings at the rim of the bowl and blend it into the original finish.

The stem was in pretty good shape when it came out of the bath and after using pipe cleaners to clean the inside I used sanding pads from1200 to 4800 grit to bring back the finish. I then used the buffing wheel and polished the stem and bowl and gave the pipe a bees wax to bring up the shine.

MXM re5 MXM re4  MXM re2 MXM re1