GBD Pre-Historic with Perpex Stem

This was an inexpensive find on eBay.


The overall condition was very good, with the exception of an unbalanced color.


Using a retort to clean the stem and the alcohol and salt treatment after reaming the bowl it came out looking like a very solid pipe. I have a couple of the perplex seemed GBD’s and the only way to get them nice and clean is to use the retort. I used the q tips to clean the inside of the stummel.



IMG_2966IMG_2967IMG_2969IMG_2970IMG_2968Once all cleaned I used some light brown leather dye to even out the color. And just buffed it on the wheel. This was a pleasure to do and it is a joy to smoke!




Author: ReserectedPipes

The name ReserectedPipes is a bit like me. While misspelled, it it reflects a small portion of myself, out of kilter in most areas! This blog was started to give me an outlet to share pipe restoration with others. Like several aspects in my life, it was daunting and confusing at first. Then when I really got down into it I saw just how uncomplicated it really is, I was pleasantly surprised. While some think the they need to keep all they learn to themselves, I prefer to share with others what I've learned. In this endeavor I will give a lot of credit to those along the way where I have "stolen" ideas from. (First I recognize the source, then I give a reference, and last it's "like I always said") Seriously, I would like to express Great Thanks to Steve Laug, Reborn Pipes, for the selfless teaching he has offered to me over these past several years as I began my journey. His blog has been the go to place for me to garner as much as I can and to unravel the mysteries of pipe restoration. My wife and I live in Springville, Alabama, a small town NE of Birmingham. We have a son living in Atlanta with his wife and daughter (our little pride and joy). Ive been told that I've reached the Age of Retirement! Well that's not quite right. It's no an age thing is it!! I'm working two jobs and try to relax with the pipe reserections I do. Which I don't do enough of... Being in the South I also have a passion for BBQ. Another part of the complex life simplified. Smoked meats are another passion for me as well as smoking cheese in the winter. After 90 deg F you will melt and not smoke your cheese. Pork, Chicken and Ribs!! My back yard smells GREAT!!

6 thoughts on “GBD Pre-Historic with Perpex Stem”

  1. John, that is one of your most beautiful pieces. Very well done. A little correction – Perspex was a clear acrylic that was see through and came out on some of the GBD pipes quite early. Yours has a Lucite Stem that looks very 70-80s.

    After reading the note I have to say first of all you are welcome. It is always a pleasure to chat with you. I follow your blog because I always learn something from you. But now I want to come down from Canada for some of that BB

  2. An interesting piece for sure. The Prehistoric typically did come with Perspex or vulcanite. The swirled acrlic stems were most often seen on the Bronze Velvet or Topaz lines. Nice pick-up and restoration!

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