GBD New Standard 9442 Cleanup

Recently I bought a GBD New Standard 9442 on eBay in which the seller said had been “professionally” cleaned. The photos online looked ok and I bid on the pipe. Upon receipt I was disappointed in the condition. It would not even pass a pipe cleaner.

There was a lot of tar built up in the base of the pipe and the stem was plugged solid. I went through a number of pipe cleaners and cotton swabs to get it cleaned.

The stem had a couple of tooth marks and a crack in the bottom of the stem. Using the black super glue I tried to fill the tooth marks and repair the crack.

This is an area that I will need much more practice in before I can say it’s good. At this writing the repair I made are primitive but ok. I will continue to practice…

I soaked the stem in oxyclean and again in alcohol to get the deep oxidation loose. Then using wet sanding from the 1200 – 4000 micro pads and then going up to 12000.

Obsidian oil was used to make the final stem polish. Once it dried I took it to the wheel and buffed it.

Author: ReserectedPipes

The name ReserectedPipes is a bit like me. While misspelled, it it reflects a small portion of myself, out of kilter in most areas! This blog was started to give me an outlet to share pipe restoration with others. Like several aspects in my life, it was daunting and confusing at first. Then when I really got down into it I saw just how uncomplicated it really is, I was pleasantly surprised. While some think the they need to keep all they learn to themselves, I prefer to share with others what I've learned. In this endeavor I will give a lot of credit to those along the way where I have "stolen" ideas from. (First I recognize the source, then I give a reference, and last it's "like I always said") Seriously, I would like to express Great Thanks to Steve Laug, Reborn Pipes, for the selfless teaching he has offered to me over these past several years as I began my journey. His blog has been the go to place for me to garner as much as I can and to unravel the mysteries of pipe restoration. My wife and I live in Springville, Alabama, a small town NE of Birmingham. We have a son living in Atlanta with his wife and daughter (our little pride and joy). Ive been told that I've reached the Age of Retirement! Well that's not quite right. It's no an age thing is it!! I'm working two jobs and try to relax with the pipe reserections I do. Which I don't do enough of... Being in the South I also have a passion for BBQ. Another part of the complex life simplified. Smoked meats are another passion for me as well as smoking cheese in the winter. After 90 deg F you will melt and not smoke your cheese. Pork, Chicken and Ribs!! My back yard smells GREAT!!

11 thoughts on “GBD New Standard 9442 Cleanup”

  1. You did a great job on that one. The black superglue repair just takes practice. Even so that stem looks really quite good. The bowl looks like new. Well done.

    1. Thanks Steve, I’ll be getting more practice as I wish to master this. The posting about the side light helped me see that the stem was in real rough shape with the oxidation. Lots of sanding went into this one.

    1. Chiz, Thanks for the comment. I did and eBay and the seller made it right. I was surprised that the state of the pipe was so far off from the description. It is a wonderful smoker now though!

  2. I think it came out rather well overall. I hate getting a “cleaned” pipe to find that it’s not nearly the case; just tell me the truth so I know what to expect when it arrives already! Anyway , patching is like a lot of other restoration steps: the more we do it the better our results. I’ve been trying to work on reforming/cutting buttons of late and that’s a real time consuming skill to learn as well.

    1. Thanks Greg, Yeah the truth in advertising concept seems to be long gone! We made it right through eBay.
      New skills are just what the Dr. ordered! Let me know how you progress in the buttons.

  3. I purchased a GBD 9442 (Prehistoric/Clerk Perplex) in 1969. You have given a second chance to a great pipe and done a great job. Love your videos.

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