ManXMan Reserected

I recently went to a local flea market to see what or if I might find a treasure and came home with this little gem;

Man X Man Man1  Man3 Man4

It is a ManXMan that was made by the Laxley Pipe Company Ltd on the Isle of Man before the company closed it’s doors in 2002.  The pipe is made of Tanzanian Meerschaum which they were no longer able to get after 1985. The company made meerschaum pipes for Peterson until the supplies ran out.

First glance the pipe was not used very much. I put the stem in Oxyclean to clean up the oxidation and then worked on the clay that was on the side of the bowl.  I used the stiff brush to get it off and after reaming the slight cake from the bowl I gave it an alcohol and salt bath.

I used black super glue to fill the dings at the rim of the bowl and blend it into the original finish.

The stem was in pretty good shape when it came out of the bath and after using pipe cleaners to clean the inside I used sanding pads from1200 to 4800 grit to bring back the finish. I then used the buffing wheel and polished the stem and bowl and gave the pipe a bees wax to bring up the shine.

MXM re5 MXM re4  MXM re2 MXM re1


Author: ReserectedPipes

The name ReserectedPipes is a bit like me. While misspelled, it it reflects a small portion of myself, out of kilter in most areas! This blog was started to give me an outlet to share pipe restoration with others. Like several aspects in my life, it was daunting and confusing at first. Then when I really got down into it I saw just how uncomplicated it really is, I was pleasantly surprised. While some think the they need to keep all they learn to themselves, I prefer to share with others what I've learned. In this endeavor I will give a lot of credit to those along the way where I have "stolen" ideas from. (First I recognize the source, then I give a reference, and last it's "like I always said") Seriously, I would like to express Great Thanks to Steve Laug, Reborn Pipes, for the selfless teaching he has offered to me over these past several years as I began my journey. His blog has been the go to place for me to garner as much as I can and to unravel the mysteries of pipe restoration. My wife and I live in Springville, Alabama, a small town NE of Birmingham. We have a son living in Atlanta with his wife and daughter (our little pride and joy). Ive been told that I've reached the Age of Retirement! Well that's not quite right. It's no an age thing is it!! I'm working two jobs and try to relax with the pipe reserections I do. Which I don't do enough of... Being in the South I also have a passion for BBQ. Another part of the complex life simplified. Smoked meats are another passion for me as well as smoking cheese in the winter. After 90 deg F you will melt and not smoke your cheese. Pork, Chicken and Ribs!! My back yard smells GREAT!!

6 thoughts on “ManXMan Reserected”

  1. It is a model called ‘Prehistoric Black’ and was made sometime before 1978 by Manxman Pipes Ltd – not by Laxey Pipes Ltd. It is a nice example.

  2. I’m glad I found this . You’re northeast of Birmingham? I have no idea where Springville is ,but My wife and I relocated from northern Illinois to Grant Alabama (Top of Gunter Mountain off of 431 ,home of the DAR school and Cathedral Caverns) back in June. I have recently acquired a small vintage pipe collection from a friend in TN ,a few of which are in need of a thorough cleaning and restoring. 3 of which are meerschaums. Any ideas of where I can find a good online source to follow .

    1. Hello Charles, Welcome to Alabama. Your about an hour north of me off I59. This was the only Meerschaum Pipe I have restored. Regular white meers look a bit intimidating to me.

      I have followed Steve Laug of RebornPipes. His blog is a wealth of information on “how to” in restoring my pipes. Steve is very giving of his knowledge and will answer any question I have asked when I encountered a challange and what to do to resolve it. His blog has a list of other resources and writers that may be of interest to you.

      Also you may want to join the pipesmokersunited forum online. There are several of the guys that do restoration work as well that share their work on the forum. I use the moniker PyrateMate, but, that’s another story!

      If your interested in having me look at your pipes let me know.

      After I posted this reply I found on Dal’s blog a very nice restoration he did on a meer that came out very well.

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